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Currently: Recovering from his entry in the 2nd Annual Aetherscale Anniversary Tournament.

Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Roegadyn
Current Home: The Mists, Stoneforged Goods Plot 4, 21st Ward, Mist @ Mateus
Height: 7 fulms, 5 ilms
Weight: More than you would want to carry.
Name Day: 13th Sun of the 2nd Umbral Moon
Alignment: Wholesome

Callings: Abalathian Stonespeaker, Propriter of Stoneforged Goods, Contractor with Secret Star Services


Broad shouldered and built high, Castle Stoneforge stands as a bulwark among his adventuring peers. His pale seafoam green skin bares scars from years worth of frontline combat, hands calloused from heavy labor.

Warm violet eyes look out from a face with chiseled, angular features. Castle sports a scruffy tussle of short hair, streaked faintly with the beginnings of gray.

Whether armed for battle or equipped in his armorer's regalia, Castle is almost always equipped with his aetherometric goggles, giving him insight into fluctuations in the aether fields around him.


Castle Stoneforge seems a pretty easy read upon first impressions. Gregarious and jovial, Castle greets others with warm regards should he have no reason to think ill of them. Though equipped with an immense capacity for kindness, Castle holds a deep fury towards those who would abuse their power over others. Often Castle is hard pressed to keep himself from intervening when it means protecting the lives and wellbeing of others. Diligent in both words and actions, Castle does not commit himself lightly to causes or tasks he does not see just cause in.

Although he is boisterous those who come to know Castle will see his deep reverence for the quietudes of life: From logging notes in his journals, engaging in nightly meditation rituals, or simply enjoying a cup of Ishgardian black tea. In these rare moments, Castle reveals a somberness which tempers his usual exuberance.

¤ Rain
¤ Rocks and Rock Formations
¤ Black Tea
¤ The Smell of Ash
¤ Animals

¤ Being overly fastidious
¤ Subterfuge
¤ Idle hands
¤ Arrogance

Skills & Abilities

¤ Renaissance Man: Castle Stoneforge is a craftsman at heart. The breadth of his knowledge is wide, ranging from carpentry to leatherworking, the cooking stove to the metal furnace. He is most at home when plotting a project or collaborating with others.

¤ Lithomancer: Castle applies his trade most ardently in the form of metalwork. His unique ability to manipulate stone, mineral, and metals by hand stems from his communion with the earth and its flow of aether. He freely refers to the "Syng von Stahl und Stein", the hymnal of the Laentwaht as the source of strength he calls upon to manipulate matters of earth.

¤ Martial Weapons: Through years of adventuring, Castle is well acquainted with the use of martial weapons. In combat, he wields his size and skill toward the defense of himself and others. This is clearly seen in his combat styling, more often to open a conflict with words than blade-point.

¤ Aetherometric Goggles: A set of spectacles designed to grant access to an aetherological read out of nearby entities and structures. Castle can be guarded as to the origins of the device. Never far from his forehead, he seems always on the look out from /something/ with their use.


Cast adrift in the flotsam of a vessel bound for Sharlayan, a young Castle Stoneforge was found off the coast of the Farreach by a clan of Hellsguard known as the Laentwaht. Among them, Castle found refuge and family in their nomadic travels along Abalathia's Spine. Although his memory before the incident was a fog, Castle found strength and purpose in under the tutelage of clan's mystics. Through perseverance, sacrifice, and deep contemplation of the land he found himself capable of communing with the Mountain's aether. Lithomancy, the manipulation and augury of stone, would become his trade and life's pursuit. As Castle came of age, he departed his adopted home to begin a name for himself in the company of The Black Couerl, a hunting vessel who's sails set across Eorzea and beyond.

When news of the Seventh Umbral Calamity and the devastation it had wrought reached him, Castle returned back to Eorzea in hopes to help his homeland heal. Upon returning he enlisted with the Maelstrom where he developed a service record in working with the Trade Sails, as well as in battle against the Garleans.

Castle has committed himself to upholding righteous actions and good deeds throughout his adventures since returning to Eorzea. Be it by word, by hand, or by heart he is never far from the opportunity to render aid to others.


Namida Wyrmsong

A chance encounter in The Firmament with this secretive young Elezen reunited Castle with a past who's memories had been lost. Though the words of Namida's memories of a youth spent with "Pale Skapf" sounded foreign, vestiges of familiarity simmered beneath the foggy surface of his recollection.

Through their shared struggles, hardships, and triumphs, their friendship and love for one another has blossomed. Travelling the breadth of Eorzea together, the two have cultivated a unique understanding of their aetheric practices to better compliment each other's strengths. They can be often found working together to bolster the realm for the better.

Cordelia Harper

Cordelia Harper, a caravneer with a heart of gold as bright as her attire, was one of the first contacts Castle made in joining Secret Star Services. Their grounded perspectives have worked well together, often resonating a cooler temper in heated circumstances. Castle knows he can rely on Cordelia for her keen senses both in battle and at rest.

Castle Stoneforge looks to Cordelia with a sense of brotherly affection, inspired by her resilience, kindness, and adventurous spirit!

Vellace Deran

Vellace Deran is no stranger to taking matters into her own hands to get things done. Business associate turned friend and confidant, Castle Stoneforge and Vellace have operated in tandem to provide security for Secret Star Services. Their friendship out of the battlefield developed over the many outings held in training and recreation!

Vellace earned the moniker of "Kupf Braena" [Copper Breaker] for the time spent training her in the arts of synthesizing gem works.

This page will be updated as more contacts are made. Interested in being added? Send me a message!

Hooks and In's

Feel free to engage with and follow-up on these hooks and character in's as they feel appropriate! If something sparks your interest, don't hesitate to reach out to follow-up!

¤ Stoneforged Goods, LLC (Common): Castle is the proprietor of a mercantile specializing in armaments for the enterprising adventurer. Manned by his team of business associates, "The Fins", he is quite proud of the establishment.
Looking to up your arsenal? Castle is eager for any commission works for those who are looking to better the realm!
¤ Adventurer (Common): Castle is a sojourner by nature. Travelling the roads, meeting new people, and sharing in triumph and hardship in equal measure!
Fellow adventurer? Carousing vagabond? No-good brigand? Looking for help? Castle can oft be encountered in the field on some task or another.
¤ Military Service (Common): Having served as an envoy and craftsman in the Maelstrom's Trade Sails, to standing on the front lines of The Ghimlyt Dark, Castle has a trackable record among The Maelstrom.
Castle always has gil to share a drink with fellow Company members. Be it swapping stories, talking shop, or remembering the fallen.
¤ Aetheric Energies (Uncommon): Castle Stoneforge utilizes aether both in combat and in synthesis through manipulation of stone, metals, and minerals. Those sensitive to aether, or with a means to detect its presence, would note an astral tilt to Castle's robust energies.
Castle is seen most often wearing a set of Aetherometric Goggles, showing a keen interest in matters of aether.
¤ Abalathian (Uncommon): Castle remembers precious little of his life before being adopted by the Laentwaht clan of Hellsguard. He calls the peaks of Abalathia the home of his heart, above all else. A keen ear would hear him occasionally slip into a phrase-or-two of Old Roegadyn.

Does your character hail from Abalathia as well? Have you spent extended time in the peaks of Ablathia's Spine? If so, you may have encountered the Laentwaht in their work to safeguard Hydaelyn from the threats beyond the veil!
¤Echoes of a Past Forgotten (Rare): Those who grew up in The Brume twenty-or-so years ago may recall the odd sight of a sickly Roegadyn child with an unusual birthmark on his shoulder by the name of "Pale Skapf" that bears a striking resemblance to Castle Stoneforge, if perhaps a bit pudgier.
Castle has recently become reacquainted with his Brume-borne past and would be happy to know others who he may have known. This thread may require a bit more coordination but could be very powerful!

Player Information


Thank you for your interest in Castle Stoneforge!

Please feel free to approach or whisper if my RP tag us up--otherwise just pass me a message in-game if you're interested in roleplaying.

I engage in all sorts of content in XIV, including roulettes, Raids, map parties, and more. Also available for making to-order Levekits if you're interested in crafting!

Currently open for:
¤ Developing contacts for RP and/or PVE content
¤ Dark/Mature or Lighthearted Themes
¤ Tavern & Adventure scenes
¤ Able to fill as contact for RP scenes involving trade, metalwork, or certain aetheric inquiries (message me your ideas and we can talk!)

Not interested in:
¤ Permeant Injury / Death without prior discussion
¤ Meta-gaming
¤ RP with folks under 18 years old

I'm also reachable on Discord @ Feyloch#2173